Social Business Cuts the Cost of Relationship

Do you use social networks to get real business results?

According to McKinsey, internal collaboration and business process innovation account for most of social technologies’ economic value, far ahead of marketing and promotion—But firms need to learn how to use “social” before they can unlock collaboration’s value.

Social networks dramatically cut the cost of collaborating when people know how to use them, and that’s what Social Business Services addresses head on. SBS shows leaders how to use digital social technologies to evolve sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, I.T. and other functions by grounding interactions in trust building, not promoting.

CSRA is a consultancy that guides firms in social business innovation, so all parts of the SBS site reflect our experience in helping clients get business results. Access all of these via the black horizontal navbar:

  • About gives you more detail about the site and a 5 minute video on social business potential
  • Best of the Web assembles the best posts and articles we find.
  • Case Studies are notable business uses of social business.
  • Resources contains SBS in-depth analyses of select case studies.
  • All Posts is our thought leadership on using social business to innovate business functions.
    • Industries highlights pioneering social business in trust- and relationship-based businesses.
  • Please see Orientation for more details.

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